Sep 3, 2017


beautiful bride Esen, she did not get stood up on her wedding day
Photo by Olivella Photography

Ugh, you guys, I can’t even! I keep seeing posts about Makeup Artists NO SHOWING on the big day! It really breaks my heart. Just know we’re not all like this!

Personally, this has been one of my most CHALLENGING times in business due to my pregnancy and our recent move. We've had constant renovations in which I’ve had to stay at my parents and be away from my computer and routine which has been tough. I’ve had migraines that have put me out for days and I’ve been sleeping on the living room floor for weeks as the bedroom is under construction.

 I had to cancel my first client EVER a few weeks ago for the first time in five years.  I lost the client and I get it, it comes with the territory. Once you plant that seed people worry.  However, things do happen and I can't dwell. There are times when health and family come first.

A pro is open to criticism, a pro is open to change.  A faux will usually just call you a hater and then block you on facebook... 
Read more about Pros here:
However, I would have to be dead or hospitalized to pull a "no show" on someone’s wedding day and you better believe I would be finding a replacement.  Again, things do happen that validate a no show but the stories better be airtight.

Lastly, I want to offer some insight.  Generally speaking there are two types of makeup artists, pros and fauxs Here’s what you will find from a pro.  A website with a professional portfolio of REAL brides and what they look like on their wedding day.  They may not be the cheapest in town but they are experienced,  reliable and invested in their business.  A pro will have the knowledge and experience to get you to look flawless without using 10 Instagram filters. A pro realizes they work in the SERVICE industry and though it may seem glamorous it’s hard work and essentially a “client centered” business. A pro will respond to your emails via a professional email address and not a social media site. A pro will also be connected to other pros and is heavily invested in the wedding community. I can proudly say I have a relationship with 98% of the MUA’s in Rochester and will sing their praises all day long! 

Here’s what you will find from a faux, I phone pics that are edited to death to garner likes and follows, no website, no professional portfolio. The least investment for the greatest return.  While edited photos may be fun, just know it’s not a reflection of how you will ACTUALLY LOOK on your wedding day, it’s simply a filter and will not follow you around… They’re generally cheaper due to lack of knowledge on the costs of running a business, lack of experience, or lack of professional products.You will find that the business model is based around them and NOT the client. The “portfolio” will likely be littered with selfies. Selfies are fine for social media but don't belong in a professional portfolio... They’re in the business for the GLAMOUR,  they want to be the star of the show. Communication is usually spotty and not done through a professional email but social media such as facebook. When they realize how tough it is they literally disappear and leave you high and dry on your wedding day...Sometimes they even take your money in the process.  They tend to shy away from relationships with other artists and may even be downright nasty to them

It’s not the brides fault that these things happen, I recommend researching all your vendors! Social media has changed the game and MUA’s are popping up everywhere. It’s hard for clients to tell who's a pro and who's a faux. This is not directed at any specific individual as I’ve seen this happen every year in every city and not for nothing I can generally see it coming from a mile away.  Just my 2 cents.


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