Jan 24, 2017

Skin Smoothing Apps: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Photo by Arian David Photography

Today I want to talk about skin smoothing apps, primarily facetune and Perfect365. They're everywhere and if you're on social media you've undoubtedly seen them in action.  Ever see someone post a selfie and the face looks blurry and pore-less?  Don't be fooled, they don't have perfect skin and no,  it's not their new foundation. This my friend is the work of a skin smoothing app and I must admit I've used them too! It's easy to fall into the trap of using a skin smoothing app, just take a look around, you'll see them being used everywhere, hell I've even used them on my own face! Unfortunately this sets a bad standard for our industry and will eventually backfire on the very artists that use them. What do you think happens when clients with less than perfect skin are drawn to work that's heavily edited only to experience different results in reality? A whole lotta disappointment...

The Good: Use them on yourself all you want, the only person you have to answer to is you! Remove a pimple, sure, whiten the teeth, why not?  Apps like facetune are great for a quick fix not a complete overhaul. There is a fine line between what looks believable and what does not.  Same goes for clients. I've never upset a client because I removed a blemish but it never sat right with me to blur their face beyond recognition.  Did I do it? Yes. Did I regret it? Yes! Did I feel slightly stupid afterward? Double YES! I had to learn the art of restraint, when to post work and when not to. If it needs to be edited beyond recognition it is probably not worth posting.  In my humble opinion, a certain level of skin smoothing equals false adverting and is no longer representative of an artists skill level.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for professional retouching by professional photographers to enhance an image but again this is an art form and only looks good when it's  done in a believable way.

The Bad: It's not real, repeat after me IT'S NOT REAL! Furthermore it can actually drive business away. I've actually had clients bring this topic up... Never underestimate your clients intelligence, overly edited photos scream "I'm hiding something!". I also personally cannot recommend another artists for a job if I can't properly "see" any of their work.

The Ugly: It sets an impossible standard for women, especially women who have skin issues. Artists themselves are setting their clients up for disappointment by advertising a look that they can't deliver without the use of a skin smoother.  As a result of the wide spread use of these apps, other artists feel pressured to not have ANY "flaws" in their work and therefore jump on the bandwagon. I personally loooove the look of skin that still looks real with makeup on. I am a complete complexion junkie!

Below is an unedited iphone pic of a lovely bride. She has beautiful skin but lets pretend she didn't and I wanted to smooth away her imperfections

So I ran her through facetune...

Does this look familiar?  Every time I see it I cringe. They're usually paired as before & afters to have an even more jarring effect.  I personally do not do before and afters but to each their own. I've had to retrain my eye to what I consider beautiful and this is not it! I'm constantly learning, growing and making mistakes along the way! These days I try to keep my editing to adjusting the lighting in a photo. Remember, a skin smoother should never be the most powerful tool in your kit or the most dominant feature of your makeup application.  Not using one just makes you feel better at the end of the day, ya know?

Until next time,

-Your friendly neighborhood Makeup Artist keeping it real

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