Dec 7, 2016

Where Makeup Artists Really Shop

photo by Arian David Photography

Many of my clients take an interest in my makeup and often ask me where I shop.  When I do on location weddings people often exclaim "Look at all that makeup, what brand do you use?", "do you have the Kylie lip kits?", "what's your favorite foundation?" or "I bet you love Sephora!" and while I do love Sephora, I don't shop there! This often shocks and surprises people and I feel like such a let down! Here's my client all excited to bond over makeup and here's me about to embark on a rant. I want to relate to my clients in an enthusiastic way, but as a full time working artist I have a different perspective. Let's address the above questions and shed some light on the mind of a professional working artist.

photo by Roc Focus 

Q.  " Look at all that makeup! What brand do you use?".

A.  Most of the brands I use are pro artistry brands that provide exceptional performance and a professional discount. I could never rely on just one brand when there's so many great ones out there! My favorite artistry brands are Viseart, RCMA, Graftobian, Senna, Skindinavia, La Femme & Kett. My full kit took years to build and was built upon trial and error. When I first started out I thought I needed every product under the sun, but as I began to work and found my niche in bridal I realized that I didn't need that neon eyeliner.  I also learned that established pros spend years fine tuning their kits to be compact, functional and ready for any situation, not brimming with overly hyped products they barely use.

Photo by Brian Storey Photography

Q. Do you have the Kylie lip kits?

A. In a world of excess and haul culture people relate to whats being advertised on social media platforms. I realize it's completely normal to think I might be dying over these lip kits but truth be told they are nowhere on my radar and are simply the newest IG craze. I exclusively shop with pro artistry brands that provide a professional discount, excellent customer service, and fast shipping.  Kylie's brand is marketed to fans and enthusiasts, not working artists. If you have them and love them that's great, no judgement here! If you really want me to get excited ask me about Viseart, the highest quality eyeshadow on the market, hand pressed in Paris, swoon!

Brian Storey Photography

Q. Where do you shop?

A. Camera Ready Cosmetics is by far the best place to shop if you are a working artists that wants to purchase most of what you need in one place. They house a mixture of artistry and consumer brands all in one place. They offer an excellent professional discount, stellar customer service and fast and inexpensive shipping.  For lashes my favorite site to use is Madame Madeline, they tote the best prices on a variety of brands (Red Cherry is my fav) and always have great promo codes. For disposables I use Qosmedix, otherwise I would  be spending a small fortune on mascara wands! I absolutely adore their silicone mascara wands and the variety of disposables they carry.  Other great places for makeup artists to shop include Frends Beauty, Namies Beauty Center, and Nigels. It would be a painstaking task to build a kit without these pro discounts.

 Photo by Arian David Photography

Q. "whats your favorite foundation?"

A. Pictured above is my RCMA foundation palette.from Camera Ready Cosmetics. It was Invented in 1963 by renowned makeup artist Vincent Kehoe and until recently has been a well kept industry secret. It has a unique wax base and is 50% pigment, the highest pigment on the market! Most foundations are only 18% - 23% pigment. With these palettes on hand I'm prepared to work on global skin tones, and provide sheer to full coverage that looks like a second skin. RCMA is made in strictly controlled conditions and is hand poured. It's one of the best foundations on the market! I love having this for all my clients even though they don't know what the heck it is! 

While you wont catch at Sephora you will see that that my kit is full of high quality brands. Some you will recognize and some you wont! But that's the magic of being a makeup artist, were supposed to have some industry secrets. Until next time - xoxo

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