Oct 5, 2016

What to Expect at Your Preview Session

Photo by: Kate Jacobs Photography

You might be thinking "what's a Preview Session, isn't it just a trial? The answer my friend, is no! The word "trial" has negative connotations and implies right off the bat that you may not like what you end up with. I don't want to be put on trial and I know busy brides don't either. A Preview Session offers so much more in and of itself than a "trial". It's an in depth consultation where the bride gets a sneak peek or "preview" of what they will look like on their wedding day. Doesn't that already sound a lot more exciting than a trial? Preview Sessions are so important that I require them for all of my 2017 brides. After the bride wears the makeup for the day we are able to weed out any potential issues and make adjustments. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your preview session and how to select an artist that is a good fit for you!

Prior to the preview session I chat with my brides and love when they share images and pinterest boards with me. This helps me understand their style and what they're looking for. During the trial I execute the look complete with airbrush and lashes. Most of the time the finished look turns out to be exactly what the bride wants and other times we discover things they never considered! Recently I had a bride who originally wanted a nude lip end up with a gorgeous deep red hue. Not only will it suite her October wedding but it looks stunning!

Every year I get brides who come to me after a so called "bad trial" with another artist.  I don't talk down on other artists but what I will say is that not every client and artist is a match, myself included! When choosing an artist it's important to look at their work, I mean really look at it. Are things blended, does the foundation match the neck, do they go crazy with face-tune or skin smoothing apps? Look at how they present themselves, do they have a professional website with a portfolio? or only an Instagram account with selfies? Do they have a Cosmetology or Esthetics license? and most importantly do you like their style and can you see it on yourself? These questions will give you information about an artist and can be an indicator of the level of investment they've made in their career.

The longer I work in this field the more I understand how confusing it can be to choose an artist or any other vendor for that matter. I cannot tell you how many times I've had a bride tell me "I thought everything looked good on her Instagram", "I loved the way she did her own makeup" or "I had no idea makeup artists are legally required to have a license". In today's society many clients are told that YouTube is an acceptable form of education and that nearly anyone can be a makeup artist. It can be very confusing for clients to know what they should be looking for in an artist. YouTube is, a perfectly acceptable form of recreation but should not replace experience and education.

Photo by: Kate Jacobs Photography
Once you have selected your artist it's time to schedule a preview session! Many brides go on Pinterest and are bombarded with perfectly Photoshoped images. Some have bold winged liner, some don't, some have smokey eyes, others are soft, you will see everything from glossy nude lips, to vampy matte lips, It can be overwhelming to say the least. Here are a few tips to narrow down what kind of look you want.

Narrow it Down: For some brides this is easy but for others this can be so difficult! Many clients show me multiple images, sometimes they have a common theme and other times they're all over the map. Going through the images with your makeup artist and breaking them down can help you decide on what it is your after. Your makeup artists should be there for you to offer advice, try different things and give you suggestions!

Don't be Afraid to be unique! A red lip is just as classic as a nude. Don't avoid being bold in fear of conformity. You don't want to feel that little pang of regret every time you see a red lipped bride! Be yourself whether it's glamorous, simple, classic or fun! Don't look to others for reassurance, go with your gut!

Don't Like Something? Don't be Afraid to Ask! Don't hesitate to ask for a change. A good artist will give you their educated opinion but should never make you feel like your stuck with the one look they provided. It's important that your artist can be flexible. It's always about my brides and their wedding day, not about my ego.

Don't think of what your fiance would want... too much.  It's natural for brides to take their significant other into consideration when it comes to their appearance, but please don't let it dominate your decisions. If he loves you, he will love what makes you feel confident. My husband compliments me the most when I radiate confidence, regardless of what lip color I have on.

Don't Plan Your Preview Session Around a Big Event. The Preview Session is nearly two hours and requires your time and energy. We may decide at the end to use a different lash or tweak the eye or lip; it's a time for trying different things. In my experience brides have a lot on their mind before a bridal shower or bachelorette party. These experiences can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Many times you will be under the scrutiny of your friends and family who all have different opinions on how you should look.

Dress the Part Wedding makeup is a obviously a bit more glamorous than your everyday makeup. It's natural to feel a bit out of place at the grocery store after your preview sesh. It's never a bad idea to style your hair and wear a nice outfit to go with your perfectly dressed face!  

Know Your Artists Style. A Professional Makeup Artist should be well versed and have range but without a doubt will have a signature style.  If you love what you see from them, then likely they are a good match for you!

Enjoy the Process, it's not every day you get your makeup done! If you follow the tips and advice above you will be well on your way to having a successful trial and more importantly a wonderful wedding day where you can sit back and be pampered!

With Love - Tierney

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