Nov 19, 2015

Q & A With Makeup by Tierney

This past August I married the love of my life.  I was a complete DIY bride investing a large part of my heart & soul into my wedding. Like many millennials I did a ton of  research online.  I wanted information and I wanted it quickly, especially when it came to choosing my vendors. Some of my questions were answered with an easy google search but others were not. This inspired me to write a Q & A for all of my future brides. This is a compilation of helpful information and common questions that I have been asked over the years.

Q: Why Should I hire Makeup by Tierney for my Wedding Day?
A: Simply put, just as you need a professional photographer to take your wedding photos, you will need a professional makeup artist to take care of your wedding day beauty look. On your wedding day you will be photographed more than any day of your life. You will be in everyone's photos from the pro you hired, to your friends iPhone, to your drunk uncle bobs' camera. None of them will think twice before plastering these photos all over social media.  A professional makeup artist makes it their job to ensure that you look your best from every angle, under any lighting and in everyone's camera. An experienced professional will come equipped with High Definition makeup that is suitable for photography and the knowledge of how to make your features pop in your professional photos. I assure you, this is a skill  that your cousin who is "really good at makeup" does not posses. Your wedding day is no time for an #epicfail when it comes to the way you look.  I've seen time and time again that the way the bride feels about her completed wedding day beauty look will set the tone for her whole day. Simply put, I will make you look and feel your best.

Q: What Happens at the Preview Session?
A:  A preview session or consultation is a must and will ensure that you look exactly how you've envisioned on your big day.  I will start by asking you questions about your dress, your hair style, the colors you choose and the overall theme of your wedding. We can even streamline a look for your bridesmaids. At this point we have already communicated via email and you've also sent me inspiration pictures via a pinterest board or other means.  This is a great time for us to get to know each other and a great time to perfect and fine tune the details of your look.

Q: I loved my Preview Session and Want to Book, What do I do Next?
A: During the preview session I will provide you with my contract and instructions on how to complete it.  I ask that it is scanned and emailed to me or mailed to my address. A signed contract with a 50% retainer is considered a booking.  Unfortunately I cannot save your date until I receive these documents.

Q: Do you Offer Hair Services?
A: My sole focus is on your makeup but I partner with several experienced hair stylists to provide comprehensive, on location services for your big day. If you need assistance finding on location hair just ask and I will put you in contact ASAP!

Q: How do I Figure out How much Time we Need to Get Ready? 
A: This is one of the perks of working with me! I will create a detailed morning of timeline for you and everyone receiving services. This  keeps everyone on schedule and things running smoothly. This is why I recommend working with an on location  hair stylist as well.  It will streamline your morning and keep everyone from running to and from a salon (in which case they are usually late!). I will communicate your schedule to you via email two-four weeks in advance.  Any changes can made as needed, it's all about what works for the bride!

Q: What is Airbrush Makeup? 
A: Airbrush is a fine mist of makeup that is applied through an air gun.  It's light weight, tear proof, transfer resistant, and photographs beautifully. Many of my bridal clients choose airbrush because it holds up well to the days events and doesn't need as many touch ups. If you are interested in airbrush the preview session is a great time to try it.

Q: What Makeup Lines do You Use? 
A: I select my favorite products from brands that I consider to be exceptional. Some of the brands that I use are meant for film and television because of their HD properties and are used by makeup artists worldwide. These brands include  RCMA, Graftobian, Viseart and Senna.  More recognizable consumer lines that are in my kit include Makeup Forever, NARS, MAC, OCC, Too Faced, Kat Von D, Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills, it Cosmetics and more.

Q: But I've already Spent so Much...
A: This is more of a statement than a question but I find that a lot of brides have already spent so much by the time they start thinking about makeup. As a recent bride I can sympathize. This is why my prices are reasonable and remain within industry standard. My prices are also posted on my website which is very rare. I don't believe in quoting each bride a different price depending in their budget.  However, when you go "price tag shopping" for below industry standard, you are taking a gamble. There is great value in a skilled professional that is passionate about their career and has also invested in it. This is the kind of value that you will likely not find from a $20.00 a face artist, simply because a business could never thrive on those prices. It does however spark an important conversation. I've had too many brides come to me after a failed trial (sometimes two) with someone else. Sometimes price is not the issue, it could simply be because the Artist is not listening to what the client wants. To me that is a huge waste of time and money for a busy bride. I strive to offer the best value that I can where skill is concerned. My recommendation for all brides is to research the artist that you like, see if they have invested in their business by having a professional website and not just a social media page. This is a good indicator that the take their business seriously.

With Love - Tierney

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