Dec 9, 2014

Every Artist Has a Story, Here's Mine

What are you willing to overcome or what have you overcome to make your dreams come true? Seven years ago my son Noah was born and by the time he blew out his first birthday candle my relationship with his father was kaput. Cheating, alcoholism and emotional abuse all culminated in our broken engagement, in which I dropped the ring kerplunk  into the toilette and flushed. I put in 110% and when it ended I felt like I had failed. The result was a complete nervous breakdown brought on by exhaustion and the grief that I felt for my son.There are many in depth stories detailing how he broke me down but I will spare the gory details. I was left penniless and struggling to finish college. I had to take multiple semesters off, first while I was pregnant and then so that I could work to support us. I felt like a complete failure and compared myself to what everyone else in my life was accomplishing (a very bad thing to do). I finally graduated, things never magically got easier and he never came back not even for his son. In fact he left town and moved across the country without so much as a goodbye. I spent several years clawing to the surface just trying to get by and with the help of my friends, family and ambitious nature we always survived.  Fast forward a few years and once again I was faced with a hard decision.  I made the decision to leave a financially stable job and go back to school to become an Esthetician and pursue my passion for makeup. I was in another rocky relationship and felt completely at fault for this pattern of abuse. I struggled but I made it through school, I made it out of that relationship and I stopped blaming myself for other peoples thoughtless decisions. I stopped comparing myself to others and became more confident in my own decisions. I met a wonderful man who has given me the simplest gifts in life, loyalty and respect are just the tip of the iceberg. More importantly my son is happy and healthy. The point of this story is not to elicit sympathy but to share.  Everyone has a struggle that they have had to overcome to accomplish their goals. Especially those that pursue an unconventional career path, or those that feel like their art or accomplishments are not as good as the next person. I share this to inspire other artist to keep going even when they face obstacles and hardships and to never compare your journey, to  the journey of someone else. My story is no greater or less than yours This is my overcoming story, what's yours? 

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