Nov 26, 2014

Shop Local: Small Business Saturday Nov, 29th

As the Holidays quickly approach and the madness begins I want to ask each and every one of you to consider supporting a small businesses. Consider doing your shopping on Park avenue Instead of the mall.  Consider purchasing goods from a local artist During Holidays at the Hungerford or purchasing services from a local freelance artist. I personally offer gift cards for services this time of year, wink, wink. There are many ways to give and here are a few reasons to keep it local.

1. It's less Stressful... I don't' remember that last time that I got stressed out looking at beautiful handcrafted items...

2. Reinvest in your community: The money you spend at a small business is much more likely to be reinvested back into your own community. Business owners who live in the community are also more likely to care about the community.

3. Get Better Service and Maybe Even Make a Friend: These business owners are going to be experts regarding what their selling. They care about your satisfaction more than the cashier at Walmart does, enough said.

4. Keep our community unique: Where we shop, eat and have fun all makes our community unique. Our one of a kind businesses are an integral part of the character of  Rochester. Our tourism also benefits as people want to be somewhere that has character. 

5. Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy:  A small business owner will select products they care about and think are good for you, not products based on a national sales plan.

Don't know where to start? Holidays at the Hungerford is an excellent and fun way to do your shopping.  Be sure to visit my sister Francesca DeCaire Glass Artist in studio 216.  

Need more ideas? don't worry I'm full of them.  Support a Small businesses two ways. Give the gift of  a custom website or logo from a local freelance Graphic Designer; to a friend who is in need of branding for their own small business. I personally recommend Dream Media Designs

There are so many ways to do this outside of what I recommended but whatever you do please be creative, have fun and don't get trampled! 

Happy Holidays!   


  1. Love what you wrote, Tierney - especial the reasons why keeping it local is good. Thanks for the Hungerford shout-out too! ~ Stefani Tadio ~

  2. Thank you Stefani and enjoy Small Business Saturday today!