Oct 29, 2014

In my Kit: Zuca Pro Artist Case & Stilazzi Pro Set Bag

Over the summer I finally shelled out for a Zuca Pro Artist Case and since I got it I have not properly expressed how much I adore it.  Before my Zuca I used a standard black train case.  I was so used to it that when my Zuca arrived, it sat awkwardly in the corner of my living room until I finally decided it was time to switch out my case.

It wasn't until after I went on my first job with my Zuca that I realized how much it simplified my life. I no longer had to worry about keeping everything in little dividers (that were constantly moving out of place) and organizing things like a jigsaw puzzle! It rolled with ease, provided ample space,   and was sturdy (it can even be used as a chair). I have since created a budding Special FX kit in my old train case and Use a Stilazzi Pro Set Bag for smaller jobs or in addition to my Zuca for larger jobs. Below are a few pictures of how I organize my kit as well as what I keep in it

The Zuca Pro Artist comes with four full sized pouches and one that is a tad smaller. I could fit one additional pouch if I wanted to but I like to save that space for my airbrush.

They zip easily and fit a ton of stuff, it's hard to tell but the palettes are at least five deep on each side.

My only complaint is that it can be difficult to zip, I can't load up the front netted/zippered pouch as much as I would like to.

Above are all three of my cases together. I would highly recommend the large Stilazzi pro set bag as well; how awesome is the tissue holder! It's big enough for a small animal yet easy to transport. A great addition for jobs where you know exactly what you need to bring. 

There are a lot of options out there in all price ranges. If you are considering purchasing a case, I would highly recommend applying for a professional discount at a beauty supply retailer such as Camera Ready Cosmetics. It was well worth the investment for me, it's like the perfect little black dress and what could be a better way to keep my makeup that I have invested so much in.  Let me know what case you have or have been lusting after in the comments below.

Here is the link to the Zuca on Amazon 

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