Aug 22, 2014

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Review and Swatches: Move Over MAC, MUG is in the House!

 I must have been living under a rock because I just recently found out about Makeup Geek AKA Marlena.  She is the CEO and founder of a makeup education website geared towards helping the every day woman and she offers some of the most phenomenal eye-shadows that I have ever used for a measly $5.99 a pop! Many of them are dupes for coveted MAC shades which retail at $10.00 a pan or $16.00 for a compact.  Marlena is passionate about offering us the things we love at an affordable price with no loss in quality. Phew, she's right on time because it was literally going to take me years to build my eye shadow collection to a level I was happy with.  As a single mom I am not exactly a part of the "haul" culture, my kit is high end but also well thought out and mainly purchased from websites that offer a pro discount.  

These are some of the colors that I purchased so far. I plan on purchasing a lot more now that I know how amazing they truly are!

Unexpected is a dupe for Tease from the Naked2 palette but I "unexpectedly" prefer the MUG shade.  It is great for blending a cool toned eye look and pairs well with Prom Night. 

Mercury is a beautiful silver shade, it is a dupe for MAC's Electra.  

Prom Night is a dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe. I find the MUG shade to be a bit more purple toned. This is a great shade for all over the lid.   

Shimma Shimma is a gorgeous champagne shimmer, it is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Shroom but I don't find them all that similar.  I love using Shimma Shimma on brides.    

Corrupt is a dupe for MAC's carbon and is every bit as good if not better.  It's possibly the blackest black I have ever used.  

Creme Brule is a dupe for MAC's Tete a Tint  it's a beautiful warm mid toned brown.  The possibilities are endless with this shadow. 

Peach Smoothie is a dupe for MAC's Samoa silk.  It's a beautiful blending color and adds warmth to the eye.   

Cocoa Bear is a dupe for MAC's Brown Script and it is possible my favorite shade out of everything I ordered.  It is a beautiful red brown and it warms up the eye like nothing else. 

I will probably never stop purchasing from MAC all together but it's nice to have an alternative that I can feel good about. 

Have you tried makeup Geek yet and if so what are your favorite shades? 

With Love - Tierney

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