Aug 2, 2014

Makeup Artist Must Haves

Building my kit until my first paid job was a daunting task.  Makeup is expensive and I thought I had to have every new thing that came on the market to be considered a professional.  I made a lot of purchases that I regretted and over time I realized that my clients were not going to need that neon lipstick and glittery eye shadow that I thought I couldn't live without.

I wanted to be creative but I also had to think of my client base.  The more you tailor your makeup to your clients, the easier it will be to do your job. These days I am more likely to shop at websites such as Camera Ready Cosmetics or Namie's Beauty Center  where I can purchase professional grade HD products with a makeup artists discount.  Here are the things that I can't live without; some of them may surprise you.

1. A Portable Makeup Chair
I've been stuck in some sticky situations, including working in a Bed and Breakfast where the only chair available was the height of a toilette seat...  Being hunched over is uncomfortable, unprofessional and limits how well you can do your job. Do not count on the environment to provide you with the chair, bring one and save yourself the trouble.

2. Pre-made palettes and Z palettes 
I love Makeup Forever HD Foundation but how economical is it for me to buy every shade. I buy a few choice shades and mix. The rest of my foundation and products come in palette form. The RCMA Shinto and KO  foundation palettes (KO pictured above) cover global skin tones, meaning that you will always be prepared for your client. Not only will they cover your bases but they are also the most highly pigmented foundations at the market and look like a second skin.  I don't know many pro's who don't own these palettes, they are are made for film and photography and have been used by artists for years. All other must haves go in Z-palettes. The last thing I want to do on a job is dig around for a bunch of loose products.

3. Quality Brushes
These are the tools you need to do your job. For wedding parties you will need multiples of the same brush.  I recommend having at least three blending brushes and multiple lip and face brushes. There is not always time to clean as you go.  

4. An Airbrush
This is in such high demand and brides can't get enough of it.  Be competitive and offer airbrush.

5. Disposables and Tools
Mascara wands, tissues and cotton rounds may be essential, but what happens when you run into a bridesmaid in need of a lip or brow wax? putting makeup over it will only accentuate the hair.  Save yourself the trouble and get yourself a touch up razor set. This will take hair off at the surface and give you a clean slate to work with. In my book it's a must. I own this one by Japonesque.

Please share your must have products in the comments below!

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