Jul 28, 2012

The Levels of Makeup we Wear

I am a firm believer that our bodies are the canvas on which we express ourselves. Our moods, personalities and tastes can all be seen in the way we present ourselves to the world. Outward appearances aren't everything but there are many things you can learn about a person's attitude towards beauty from the way they present themselves. For instance both wearing no makeup and wearing it in excess are huge statements. They are both extremes and speak volumes about what the person finds attractive in themselves and others. Shockingly, there a plenty of days when I don't wear makeup and I just want to let my skin breath. It can be incredibly freeing to wear no makeup. 

Needless to say, I am more than a little obsessed with the varying levels of makeup that people wear, from nothing at all to the extreme and what is says about what they find beautiful. Below are the four different looks, the "no makeup look" (which still requires makeup for most),  the moderate, the makeup lover and the extreme.

Au Natural
Gwyneth looks healthy and relaxed without makeup. You can tell she is comfortable in her own skin.  I wouldn't consider this to be shocking though, even with makeup on, her natural self shines through. It would be a different story to see Kim Kardashian at an event without being done up from head to toe. It's probably a light day for her to go out without false eyelashes. People will praise and complement Gwen's no makeup look while they may scrutinize someone who has a more sexual image.

The Moderate
Her face is so stunning it doesn't seem fair. Natalie always seems to let her natural beauty do the talking. She accentuates her best features and keeps it simple. She wears makeup to enhance what is already there and it doesn't look like she has anything to hide.

The Makeup Lover
Kim Clearly LOVES makeup. I recall reading somewhere that if she wasn't a celebrity, she would be a makeup artist. She does have a pretty involved look but it is always executed perfectly. She has a great face for makeup and always wears the freshest looks and trends. I couldn't imagine being tied into a daily beauty routine quite this involved, even with a whole team of people it would probably stress me out!

The Extreme
Definitely not a wearable everyday look.  Christina appears to be channeling a 1920's flapper.  While it is fun to play with makeup, this kind of look is best suited for Halloween or a themed party.  Although she typically wears a lot of makeup the redrawn eyebrows make the look come off as unnatural and "drag".  

Do you think that how much makeup we wear ourselves is an accurate portrayal of what we find attractive on others?

What makeup look is your favorite and what category do you see yourself in?

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