Jun 25, 2012

My Favorite Celebrity Makeover: Kelly Osbourne

It's no surprise that I am completely obsessed, enamoured and continually amazed with the power of the Makeover.  Ever since I can remember I would look at people through a creative lens and imagine what style clothes and makeup would look good on them. I have to control my inappropriate urges to offer people a makeover right on the spot.  No wonder my favorite shows are What not to Wear and Fashion Police, and speaking of Fashion Police there is one lavender haired beauty and her brother who have really made an impressive transformation over the years, But before something gets better it usually gets worse....

So Brace yourself....

I have no words for this makeup look....but a make-under is definitely in order

OK, so the makeup is better but the hair is quite aging for a twenty-something, don't you think???

Wow, she nailed it! The thing I like most about Kelly is that she's still fun and daring with her look. Having a few faux pas hasn't made this girl lose her unique style and go all boring on us.